Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lamp Fixtures for the Future (Part 1)

Lamp fixtures, from my perspective, are art pieces. A lamp fixture designer can design a form never seen before, one you can set up in your own home. Click "read more" to see Part 1 of this series.

Ferruccio Laviani Supernova Lamp

Suspension lamp constructed of a series of parallel disks in polished stainless steel, matte aluminium or multicoloured lacquered aluminium, support in chrome metal.

Vicente Garcia Jimenez Le Soleil Lamp

Suspended architecture that recalls the outline of the Guggenheim Museum in New York; this is the first impression of Le Soleil, Foscarini's new lamp designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez. Its important volume is made lighter and enlivened by its asymmetric bands, which play a leading role in diffusing the beam of light. 

Thanks to their opacity, the bands act as reflective surfaces on the inner side facing upwards and, at the same time, focus the light directly onto the surface below, producing a soft, delicate visual effect. 

The extremely diffused lighting created by the interplay of light and shade, is underlined by the colour variations of Le Soleil. The colours strongly characterise the lamp and define its plastic form making a strong visual statement and furnishing both homes and contract spaces with expressive impact.
Damsco is a lamp consisting of an oblong glass with thin glass strands spun around, almost like a konkong. Available in several sizes and mounting options, pendant, wall and floor. with halogen or incandescent bulb depending on size.
Marset Discoco Ø53 cm
The early sketches for the Discocó date from 1997, but, at that time, I was not clear as to how to bring the idea to fruition. In the intervening period, I had gone back to them a few times, before finally coming up with the most suitable technology and manufacturing process.The association of ideas is what makes the human brain work; as a result, I like to resort to the collective consciousness when designing. The lamps of Poul Henningsen, the ‘Fun DM’ collection by Verner Panton and the ‘Porca Miseria’ light from Ingo Maurer were touchstones for the design. We created the notion of a light source surrounded by reflectingdiffusing components and the idea of the screening of the light itself by using opaque discs of moulded ABS and injection moulded aluminium rods. As a result, the finish is flawless and the assembly screw free.

Big Bang Chandelier

The apparently casual pattern with which the composition of irregular planes creates a volume around the light source, determines the dynamic character of Big Bang's exuberant personality. A powerfully structural luminous body, characterized by a play of shadow and light, with great visual impact yet airy in appearance, it is ideal for personalizing rooms in any style, even when used alone. It provides an intense, vivid and direct light. The panels that compose the lamp and function as translucent diffusers are made out of metacrylate and are available in white or in two-tone version: white/red.

Mega-Kite Pendant Lamp

Suspension lamp with fibreglass diffuser in the finish yellow Kevlar® or black carbon thread. Frame in brushed stainless steel. Note: oval shape

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