Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Techlev Apple SlideBook Pro Concept Product

What you see above is Techlev's first of some upcoming concept designs, made in Google Sketchup. The idea came to me when I was thinking about the growing number of touchscreen products. Because of this, all other "non-touch screen"products might start to feel old and "out-of-date", and their sales would probably begin to decline. With no clear change of trend in sight, the future of the standard notebook is grim. In order for this amazing product to survive, it will need to gain a touch screen. The most successful touch screen product today is the cell phone, and that inspired me to create a variation of a phone with a sliding qwerty keyboard.
The  Slidebook Pro concept looks like a normal MacBook Pro at first, until the screen is tilted all the way backwards. It is then slid down across the keyboard, completing its transformation into tablet mode. It closes like any other MacBook.

I modified the MacBook Pro SketchUp model from this link to create the image above:

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